Henlo fren!

Welcome to my page. I am going to post links and store random content here! How exciting! :-D

2020-05-12 ● New song!

After listening to "Deathconsciousness" for the first time since 2008 probably (lol) I got a sudden urge to do a track in that general style. I used my old edgy poem as the lyrics and the effect is for you to hear on soundcloud bby! I think it ended up pretty cool so check it out when you have a moment pls

2020-05-11 ● We "remastered" another album!

An album from 1967 just got its ultimate version thanks to the free labor of anons from around the world! Get it while it's hot on youtube or bandcamp. Who knows what albums the future will hold?

2020-05-07 ● /mu/ covers Ween compilation out now!!!!!!

We did it /r/eddit! This project is a slice through (almost) all of Ween's discography. I contributed covers of: "Stallion pt. 3", "Cold Blows the Wind", "So Many People in the Neighbourhood" and "Don't Let the Moon Cacth You Cryin'" but all of it is worth listening to so check it out now bby!

2020-05-03 ● A video for the jack ruselel songe status: RELEASED

Your favorite doggy not only has a song now, but he also has a video to accompany it! Would you believe it? Look at him go in this youtube clip.

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